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Blog Defender 2014 Review and Bonus

Product Name: Blog Defender 2014

Vendor:  Matt Garrett

Launch Date: May, 5th, 2014

Price: $27

Special Offer: Yes –Click here Download this awesome product with  70% discount

blog defender 2014 Blog Defender 2014 Review and Bonus
Make Your WP Site Invisible To Hackers
Easy Of Use
Secure your WP blog from hackers, 15+ step by step tutorial videos, with checklist & offer as a service to offline clients

Exactly what is Blog Protector 2014 ?

blog defender 2014 Blog Defender 2014 Review and Bonus

Blog Defender- Protect your WP blog site from cyberpunks, 15+ step by step training videos, with to-do list & offer as a solution to offline clients …

Blog Defender 2014 is a follow up to the super efficient BlogDefender 2012/2013 where 0 consumers reported acquiring hacked. With ever boosting botnet strikes BlogDefender has actually been completely reworded to safeguard customers with even more powerful cloaking & exemption plan for bad traffic.

We’ve likewise visited the grass root systems of WordPress Safety this year we have an unique report on hosts, themes & plugins–.

One-of-a-kind Selling Points– All New to 2014 Product:.

  1. Stealth Method– Disables ‘Inform Tale’ WordPress signals to enormously reduce bot assaults.
  2. Anti Phony Crawler – Blocks understood content crooks & information miners.
  3.  Blocks Known Scumbags– Blocks understood insects with a block list.
  4. Blocks Bad Actions– Blocks typical methods hackers use to get gain access to.
  5. Pro-active Defense – Discover to check themes & plugins for common security dangers.
  6. Automatic Updates– Update WP core / plugins immediately.

Most website proprietors have no concept their website has actually been hacked till it’s in fact far too late …

The very first you discover may be as you get an email from a webhost that youre account remains to be put on hold, and even much worse, folded entirely!

BUT it could be more severe than that …

Google possibly has, and they will have dropped it out of the SERPS, if your website has been hacked for some time and you’ve not seen!

However still also that’s considerably much less bad as it can certainly get …

If you’re website has been used to obtain a “phishing” assault to obtain other people’s on the internet banking or PayPal login info (one of the most common exploits) then you may be ready to obtain a call from the real world authorities, the authorities!

Seems rather frightening right?

Yup, it is actually, so you need to lock down your websites right now!

As soon as you understand exactly how?, fortunately is it’s definitely quite basic to do?

Blog Defender 2014: This new team of user-friendly, detailed video tutorials reveal specifically the way to promptly lock down your WP blog to protect from 99 % of hacks.

No longer hacked?, though the guys behind these video have over a years of encounter in running hundreds of high traffic blog sites, blogs that are typically struck?

access now wp rogerminh Blog Defender 2014 Review and Bonus

Features Blog Defender 2014

Blog Defender 2014 Review Blog Defender 2014 Review and Bonus

  • Make WordPress Hidden – Basically this is making your WordPress website seem like it isn’t a WordPress site to a bot by hiding the tell tale signs such as: WP login & admin locations, taking out WordPress Headers, Livewriter & Definitely Simple Revelation Header details in a few simple clicks.
  • Lock Down Data & Directories – View the best ways to transform web server file protection, immediately develop files to stop directory browsing, immediately create security documents to stop unapproved file/directory accessibility & technique WordPress configuration files from public folders.
  • Take out WP File Path – Lots of hacking bots need to discover which variation of WordPress you are running prior to releasing exploits– WordPress leaves a file trail behind during installment– we’ll reveal you a very easy means to locate & get rid of these.
  • Conceal Your WP Database – Cyberpunks have actually been understood to strike WordPress data source data as several automated WP set up manuscripts such as Fantastico develop similar & consecutive database names– We’ll reveal you exactly how to correct this in seconds.
  • Enhance Password Security & Block Strength Assaults – You will discover to rename your primary user ID which is prone as it’s sequentially created by WordPress mount & how to utilize a neat free of cost plugin to protect against strength strikes.
  • Block Cross Site Scripting XSS / ADDRESS Shot Assaults – Database driven applications are vulnerable to exploits using the ADDRESS of your browser– cyberpunks place destructive code into the LINK to trick your server to give up valuable information to the assailant– you will enormously lessen this threat & block such assaults.
  • WordPress Core Update Automation & Session Timeout – To keep WordPress protected it’s essential to keep it as much as day– you can do this manually, nevertheless this ends up being unwise if you are running greater than a few sites. We’ll reveal you how you can do this immediately.
  • Plugin Security, Various other Exploits & Super Solidifying – See exactly how to decrease your possibility of XSS makes use of & additionally harden ecommerce & information catch websites. with web server degree security. This is an extremely hardening approach for those who wish that additional degree of protection.

BlogDefender 2014 – Why should you need it?

Exactly what BlogDefender will certainly do for you. Lessen Down Time, Save Cash on Pricey Plugins + You could offer WordPress safety as a solution to clients.

Hugely Lower Exposure to Hacking Bot Assaults:

  • Conceal your site from common hack bots & safeguard against recognized make use of risks.
  • Minimize your bandwidth & processor payload used by residue traffic.
  • Massively decrease the risk of downtime though hacking.

Safeguard Every WordPress Internet site You Own Yourself:

  • Save $100s each website on exterior protection services.
  • Avoid squandering money on reduced performance plugins that do not get the job done.
  • Tiny, pain free knowing contour.

Charge To Safeguard Customer’s Websites:

  • Ask for an expert annual cost to secure client’s sites.
  • Discover ways to spot unsecured sites.
  • Benefit from the initial customer.

Download now 300x103 Blog Defender 2014 Review and Bonus

3 simple steps to claim this bonuses

  1. Get  BlogDefender 2014  NOW: Click here to download it now
  2. After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at: minhkieumarketing@gmail.com
  3. You will receive the bonus within 24 hours



 Blog Defender 2014 Review and Bonus
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 Blog Defender 2014 Review and Bonus

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