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Wp Ad Slinger Review and Bonus

Product Name: WP Ad Slinger

Creator: Bill Guthrie

Focus on: Social Media, WordPress Plugin

Launch Date: Oct 30 at 11:00 EDT

Special Offer: Yes – Click here to Download this awesome product with 70% discount

Price: $7 -$17

wp ad slinger Wp Ad Slinger Review and Bonus
Monetize Your Internet site Like Facebook
Easy of Use
All of the money Facebook makes comes from when their users click on the ads. So you can bet they have spent a fortune designing the way their ads look.

Which features WP Ad Slinger contains?

All the money Facebook makes comes from when their users click on the ads. So you can bet they have actually invested a fortune developing the way their ads look.

Wp Ad Slinger Appears like Facebook
With Wp Ad Slinger you can have the same looking ads on your WordPress blog. You can have the exact same looking ads as Facebook up and running on your blog in under 5 minutes.

Ads People Naturally Click
Next time you are on Facebook have a look at the ads on the right hand side of the screen. It is insane how many individuals click on those ads. Millions of individuals click these ad every day.You can wager when individuals pertain to your site they will be much more most likely to click and observe on your ads.

This indicates that when they visit your site and see the exact same looking ads on your sidebar they will certainly be most likely to see them and click on them. Wp Ad Slinger is a wonderful means to monetize your website.

Straight Forward Setup
As soon as you have actually the plugin set up in WordPress you can have ads up and running in seconds. All that you need to do is complete a short form with standard info like the description and the website address you want them to go to.

If it does not quite fit, after that you can publish the image you desire to show and you have the choice to crop it.

Immediately See Which Ads Are Working

Wp Ad Slinger will certainly record the impressions, clicks and click with rate for each ad that you produce. Since you can see right away what is working and exactly what’s not, this is a truly excellent feature. By doing this you will be able to pick the ads that are working the best and display those.

Customizable Within Your Widgets
Once you drag and drop Wp Ad Slinger into your widget area you will have the ability to personalize the method your ads show up. You can alter the number of ads you want to show, exactly how long they are displayed and the position they appear.

I truly like that you can make these ads totally dynamic so that they same ad isn’t always displayed.

Monetize Your Internet site Like Facebook
It’s clear that Facebook makes a ridiculous amount of money from their ad profits. Now with Wp Ad Slinger you can capitalize a system that is working effectively today.

See demo about this product

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Price of WP Ad Slinger

The WP Ad Slinger will cost you only $17, it all depends upon your requirements. I think this is actually an affordable cost for an amazing product which could help you in doing many boring jobs and also save lots of time.

order now button Wp Ad Slinger Review and Bonus


WP Ad Slinger is meant for everyone. It is the best choice for offline marketers, online marketers, services, product owners and affiliate marketers. Within a few minutes you can have this plugin installed and have your ad campaign running because it has quick set up. Once it is installed you should fill out a form and then you should upload your ad image and you can crop the picture if you want to. You can even track the performance of the ads you run individually and WP Ad Slinger tracks impressions, CTR and clicks.

access now wp rogerminh Wp Ad Slinger Review and Bonus


WP Ad Slinger Bonus

bonus socialmedia Wp Ad Slinger Review and Bonus

3 simple steps to claim this bonuses

  1. Get  WP Ad Slinger  NOW:  Click here to download it now
  2. After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at: minhkieumarketing@gmail.com
  3. You will receive the bonus within 24 hours


 Wp Ad Slinger Review and Bonus
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 Wp Ad Slinger Review and Bonus

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